What is fashion? Why should we care about it?

During the 20th century, British fashion has become an important part of the daily life for people living in this country. However, during recent years many changes have happend in clothing industry that led to piece of clothing no longer be represented by one brand. Nowadays, fashion is not a product but a new and dynamic movement.

The United Kingdom is located in Europe and globally the second largest economy after the U.S. However, this does not mean that it is always seen as such, especially when it comes to clothing industry. While most of Europe’s fashion brands are located on mainland Europe (like Chanel), or even around the world (like Prada) The United Kingdom’s clothing industry leads in terms of exports and is also one of its main industries. Even though there are many famous European.

Fashion is a very fast-paced industry and competition is fierce. To survive, the fashion industry needs to constantly innovate, create fresh looks and improve performance.

Fashion is one of the most important aspects in society and while many people are buying clothes or wearing them, many others are using fashion as an expression of their personality. The consequences of this trend will be huge.

Where fashion may be the ultimate expression of our identity, the inspiration of clothes and wardrobe is also an important part of our self-perception.

Fashion is not just clothing and clothing accessories. Fashion involves many other elements like haute couture, modern art, photography and more.