The fashion industry is one of the largest industries by value in the UK

It generates vast amounts of data and influences many aspects of our lives. Fashion is an ever-changing, rapidly evolving sector and it’s still not well understood by consumers or stakeholders.

We are using data to make better decisions about clothing, textiles, shoes and accessories that we wear today. Furthermore, there is a huge amount of data on fashion consumers nowadays which should be analysed to discover patterns that influence people’s buying behaviour. These patterns can be used to create predictions on how people will react towards the new trends that are emerging in the industry.

Fashion is the most important and not so easy to define industry in today’s world.

Fashion is constantly being influenced by trends and fashion is expected to be one of the fastest growing industries in the future.

So it’s crucial that we get a clear understanding of what makes women’s fashion come up with such different choices every year; when they want to wear a dress or just dress casually, when they want to go out or simply stay home and still look really smart? What makes women look like they are specialists at dressing? It all comes down to the way they were raised. Are they taught how to dress properly from an early age? Because it doesn’t sound right that mothers don’t teach their children about clothes at an early age, for that matter I have even heard it being said that some.

We saw the rise of fashion globally, this section will provide a brief introduction on the fasion.