The fashion industry is one of the key industries in the world

It is one of the richest, most dynamic, and fastest growing industries on a global scale. It also has an impact on almost every other industry that we have to deal with every day. Along with this, it covers almost all aspects of our lives: clothing, cosmetics, accessories, shoes and handbags. This section will discuss the importance of fashion and its impact on nearly every other sector including e-commerce, transport and healthcare sectors.

With machine learning algorithms, every device and appliance is becoming smarter. What are its potentials? How can they be used? Will they be able to replace our daily routine tasks in home appliance services? What do we need to prepare for such a scenario in the long run?

Fashion and clothing are inseparable from each other. But fashion can be described as a mix of both form and function. The fashion designer will always try to create something that would work well with the current trends, while the clothes maker will do it when they have a specific idea in mind which would not suit current trends but still be fashionable.

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