The fashion industry is changing rapidly, and what’s new is expected to look even more stunning

In the past several years, these changes in the way we dress have seen everything from a practical approach to consider how you want to wear it to an aspirational one. The idea of dressing up was once restricted solely to weddings and black tie-dance nights but now took on a far more glamorous nature with designers such as Alexander McQueen, British designer David Herold and American luxury goods brand Louis Vuitton.

Recently we have started seeing clothing trends that are not reserved for weddings but instead evolving into something larger than just a dress. This means that as things change so too must clothing trends. When it comes to fashion, every design needs creative thinking and ability of interpretation that can be provided.

The Queen has said that fashion is a major part of life, and the wearing clothes is a way to express ourselves.

Fashion is a very interesting topic for clients. The United Kingdom has always been an integral part of the world in many ways and it is important for the fashion industry to understand this and make sure that their clients really appreciate what they stand for: Britishness in clothing.